ILE? TALE? What Do These Acronyms Mean?

As you already know, LESLI stands for Linguistic Evidence in Security, Law and Intelligence. LESLI is the journal of ILE.

ILE? ILE stands for the Institute for Linguistic Evidence. The Institute for Linguistic Evidence was founded in 1998, the first and only independent, non-profit venue for scientific research in forensic linguistics. ILE was originally funded by a grant from the US Department of Justice National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and has subsequently been funded by private philanthropy and research contracts. You can find out more about ILE through the ILE website (

In addition to LESLI, ILE also provides outreach through TALE.

TALE? TALE stands for The Association for Linguistic Evidence. TALE is the membership organization within ILE. TALE is the first professional association in forensic linguistics which has eligibility requirements for membership. You can find out more about TALE through the TALE website (